Milan travel highlights

  1. Duomo. Go to the rooftop.
  2. Bio Pizza – Corso Italia, 16. Order Carpaccio in Bianco, which instead of red sauce, has white truffle sauce – IT IS THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE (I also made a lot of people eat it, and they agree with the assessment). It is 10 mins walk from Duomo, so you don’t have an excuse not to visit
  3. Torre Branca – You get to see Castello Sforzesco while you are at it, so you kill two birds with the same stone. Cool views – take lots of pics! If you are a football fan, an added bonus is that you can see San Siro!
  4. Alchimia – most chilled place I have ever been in (outside Amsterdam at least…). Apperitivo is great there (it’s a Milanese tradition – they will serve free food during happy hour, so you can stuff your face with appetizers while getting drunk on cheap cocktails). I normally started with Long Island Iced Tea, followed by Capiroska alla Fragola, but if you are with a female companion, then a awesome girly drink is strawberry amaretto colada Totally walkable from Duomo as well (and you get to see Colonne di San Lorenzo which are awesome) Via Francesco Brioschi, 17,+Italy&cid=426902463743938265
  5. I would hang out in Navigli after aperitivo (which normally finishes around 8-9pm depending on place) and hit more bars – just head two blocks over to the canals (walk both Naviglio Pavese and Navilgio Grande). I would start with Maya on corner of Navilgio Pavese and Via Borsi – they had some good mango cocktail if I recall, and a generally solid drinks menu
  6. If you are hungry after drinking, then have a salmon puglia at Ambasciata Tarantina pizzeria (Via Giosuè Borsi, 1). I lived above that place for 3 years! Go to the takeaway place, although the sit-down place is alright too
  7. Remember that if you have coffee at any bar standing at the bar, the prices will be regulated by the govt – expect around EUR1 for espresso or machiatto, 1.30 for latte or capuccino (although if you order the latter after 11:30, you will get laughed at – only tourists do that in Italy). If you sit down, they can charge you whatever they want

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