San Francisco travel highlights

For a second most favorite city that I lived in, I don’t have too many things to share. It’s probably a function of not only the relatively short period of time that I lived there, but also the fact that I spent half of the time travelling to LA for work. And the remaining time was spent changing diapers, rather than going out a ton…

But anyway – here it is!

  1. Baker Beach – original setting for the Burning Man. We lived close enough to the beach to hear the waves when falling asleep.
  2. Burritos Рyou can start with my local favourite Gordo’s, but there are TONS and TONS of great places Рexperiment with all ingredients!
  3. Rent a bike in San Francisco, cycle across the bridge to Sausalito, then Tiburon. Catch a ferry back
  4. Ghirardelli Square – order ice cream with freshly made chocolate
  5. North Beach (Italian area in town) – find an ice cream place and a pizza place
  6. Rent a silly yellow cart at

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