Professor & Director of the Experimental Economics Lab
School of Economics, The University of Sydney

President of the Society of Neuroeconomics

Director of the ARC Lifecourse Centre of Excellence University of Sydney node

Editorial Board of Experimental Economics

Co-director of the Neuroeconomics Summer School

Research expertise

I combine theory and methodology from economics, psychology, and neuroscience for a better understanding of how people decide, why they sometimes make seemingly wrong decisions, and how to make them better choosers. In recognition of the impact of my research program, in 2017 I received the Award for Contributions to Understanding Decision Making from the Society for Neuroeconomics.

Upcoming talks

Sept. 2023    International Symposium for Wellbeing and Agency – Integration of Brain Science and Social Science, Kyoto University

Sept. 2023    Neuroeconomics Symposium, Tsukuba University

Nov. 2023 UNSW-UQ Economic Theory Festival: Bounded Rationality, Information and Markets, Brisbane

Keynotes (selected)

2023 Society for Experimental Finance Annual Meeting

2023 Behavioural Game Theory workshop, University of East Anglia

2018 Australia New Zealand Workshop in Experimental Economics, Auckland, New Zealand

2018 13th Nordic Conference in Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Odense, Denmark

2018 Virginia Tech University Public Lecture at the Workshop on Advances in Decision Theory

2017 European Economic Science Association Annual Meeting, Vienna, Austria