Lab members


Postdoctoral researchers

Jonathan Levy (2022 – ), PhD 2020 UTS

PhD students

Alexander Svenson (2022 – )

Photo Alexander Svenson

Research interests: mental health intervention, decision-making, social and affective processing
“I am a practicing clinical psychologist, with a M.A. in Economic Analysis from the University of Sydney. My clinical experience includes working for public mental health services in Sydney, non-governmental organizations (including my current role with the Black Dog Institute) and private practice. I am joining Professor Tymula’s team with an interest in exploring the information processing, specifically neuro-computational underpinnings of depression and anxiety with the aim of informing clinical intervention.”
Email: [email protected]

Jerome Sidney (Cid) Campos (2022 – )

Honours and Master students

Emily Shaw (expected to graduate: 2022)

Research assistants

Olivia Ru (2021 – )



“I am 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Economics and Advanced Studies with majors in Economics and Psychological science. I currently have broad interests within behavioural and experimental economics and am in the process of discovering my passion for a specific research topic. I plan to complete an honours year on a topic on behavioural or experimental economics.  While I am not studying or working, I enjoy going on hikes and reading a good thriller novel.”

Lexin (Avery) Liang (2021 – ) (Dalyell Scholar in Psychology and Neuroscience)


Postdoctoral researchers

Vinayak Alladi (2019 – 2022), PhD 2019 UCSD

Xueting Wang (2021), placement: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing


My research goal is to discover and describe the mechanisms that govern human decision-making. My current research centres on the formation and adaptation of reference point, and the disadvantage and decision-making. Outside the office, you may find me on the road of running, cooking delicious Chinese food, or experiencing adrenaline-pumping jump.”

Franziska Tausch, University of Sydney (2017-2019), placement: StepStone

PhD students

Xueting Wang (2018 – 2021), placement: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing

Hui-Kuan Chung, PhD in Psychology at New York University (completed: 2018), placement: Senior Research Associate at the University of Zurich with Profl Philippe Tobler



Hui-Kuan Chung received her Ph.D. at New York University under the supervision of Paul Glimcher. She studies the neural underpinnings of (ir-)rational economic behavior using a multi-method approach including brain imaging, computational modeling, eye-tracking, and pharmacological intervention. Her current work focuses on how the interplays between different good types (e.g. complementary goods and substitute goods) are processed in brain using fMRI technique.

Honours and Master students

Alex Berger (2022) 

This is what keeps Alex busy when he is not researching:

Lucas Philips (2021), placement: KPMG

Jacob Patrick Dooley (2021), placement: KPMG

Zhenlin Kang (2020), placement: PhD at Caltech


“I am interested in individual decision making and its neural basis. In particular, my research involves how passively viewing a sequence of rewards can change one’s risk preference and valuations. I am now a PhD student in Social Sciences at California Institute of Technology”

Mahdi Akbari (2020), placement: JP Morgan

Chi Kit Wong (2019), placement: research assistant at the School of Nursing, HKU

Ken Wong_photo_cropped portrait

Ange Weinrabe (2019)

Julie Guo (2018), placement: Reserve Bank of Australia


Tim Robinson (2018), University of Sydney Medalist, placement: McKinsey & Company


Xueting Wang (2017), placement: PhD at University of Sydney

Robert Avery (2017), placement: Commonwealth Treasury

Jackson Whitehair (2014), placement: Commonwealth Treasury

Research assistants

Zhenlin Kang (2020 – 2021), placement: PhD at Caltech