Associate Professor
Charles Perkins Centre
School of Economics
The University of Sydney
Visiting Affiliated Faculty
Institute for the Study of Decision Making
New York University

Research interest
Neuroeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics and Microeconomic Theory


Upcoming invited talks in 2018

February, 7 – Workshop on Neuroeconomics at the Asia-Pacific Economic Science Association Meeting, Brisbane

February 10 – Tutorial on Neuroeconomics at the Society for Experimental Finance Meeting, Brisbane

April, 5 – Public Lecture on Neuroeconomics at Virginia Tech

April, 6-7 – Virginia Tech Workshop on Advances in Decision Theory

May, 4-6 – Biology and Economics workshop at Simon Fraser University

June, 18-19 – Workshop on Stochastic Choice at the Barcelona GSE Summer Forum

June, 25-28 – Foundations of Utility and Risk at University of York

June 28 – July 1 – Economic Science Association World Meeting in Berlin

July, 9-11 – Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies Symposium invited session on “Health and wellbeing across the life course”, Milan, Italy

September, 28-29 – 13th Nordic Conference on Behavioural and Experimental Economics (keynote address), Odense, Denmark