Lab members


Postdoctoral researchers

Hyundam Je (2023 – ), PhD 2023 Texas A&M

Jonathan Levy (2022 – ), PhD 2020 UTS

PhD students

Alexander Svenson (2022 – )

Photo Alexander Svenson

Research interests: mental health intervention, decision-making, social and affective processing
“I am a practicing clinical psychologist, with a M.A. in Economic Analysis from the University of Sydney. My clinical experience includes working for public mental health services in Sydney, non-governmental organizations (including my current role with the Black Dog Institute) and private practice. I am joining Professor Tymula’s team with an interest in exploring the information processing, specifically neuro-computational underpinnings of depression and anxiety with the aim of informing clinical intervention.”
Email: [email protected]

Jerome Sidney (Cid) Campos (2022 – )

Honours and Master students

Olivia Ru (2023)


“I am 3rd year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Economics and Advanced Studies with majors in Economics and Psychological science. I currently have broad interests within behavioural and experimental economics and am in the process of discovering my passion for a specific research topic. I plan to complete an honours year on a topic on behavioural or experimental economics.  While I am not studying or working, I enjoy going on hikes and reading a good thriller novel.”

Arquette Byrne (2023)

Research assistants

Lexin (Avery) Liang (2021 – ) (Dalyell Scholar in Psychology and Neuroscience), placement: PhD in Psychology at NYU


Postdoctoral researchers

Vinayak Alladi (2019 – 2022), PhD 2019 UCSD

Xueting Wang (2021), placement: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing

Franziska Tausch, University of Sydney (2017-2019), placement: StepStone

PhD students

Xueting Wang (2018 – 2021), placement: Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, School of Economics, Finance, and Marketing

Hui-Kuan Chung, PhD in Psychology at New York University (completed: 2018), placement: Senior Research Associate at the University of Zurich with Profl Philippe Tobler

Honours and Master students

Emily Shaw (2022), placement: Reserve Bank of Australia

Alex Berger (2022) This is what keeps Alex busy when he is not researching:

Lucas Philips (2021), placement: KPMG

Jacob Patrick Dooley (2021), placement: KPMG

Zhenlin Kang (2020), placement: PhD at Caltech

Mahdi Akbari (2020), placement: JP Morgan

Chi Kit Wong (2019), placement: research assistant at the School of Nursing, HKU

Ange Weinrabe (2019)

Julie Guo (2018), placement: Reserve Bank of Australia

Tim Robinson (2018), University of Sydney Medalist, placement: McKinsey & Company

Xueting Wang (2017), placement: Ph.D. at University of Sydney

Robert Avery (2017), placement: Commonwealth Treasury

Jackson Whitehair (2014), placement: Commonwealth Treasury

Research assistants

Zhenlin Kang (2020 – 2021), placement: PhD at Caltech