Sydney Ideas Covid19 Fear and Anxiety Podcast

The situation around COVID-19 is evolving at an astounding rate. Thinking beyond the physical health ramifications to the mental health, anxiety, communication and sense-making aspects, our panel looks at what’s going on and do their best to make sense of the rapidly shifting series of events.

– Professor Nick Enfield, Department of Linguistics
– Professor Ian Hickie, Brain and Mind Centre
– Dr Claire Hooker, Faculty of Medicine and Health
– Professor Julie Leask, Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery
– Professor Agnieszka Tymula, School of Economics
– Professor Annamarie Jagose (Moderator), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Outside the Square – new lecture series for everybody

outside the square

Hosted by the new Dean of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Annamarie Jagose, and in collaboration with Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Outside the Square is a new series in which six expert panels will address questions that speak to the heart of what it means to be a person today.

There’ll be drinks. There’ll be catering by the renowned chefs of Spice Ally.

There’ll also be a linguist, a philosopher, a satirist, an economist (HEY, THIS IS ME!), a playwright, a journalist, a teacher, an environmentalist, a technologist, an artistic director, a forensic psychologist, a CEO of happiness, and a social media troll.

Raising the bar again!

After huge success last year, we are raising the bar again. On Tuesday 18/10 twenty academics from the University of Sydney across twenty bars in Sydney will talk about their research while you drink and listen. This year I will be talking about neuroeconomics of self-control. More details here:

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Sydney Alumni Magazine – SAM Heritage

The latest issue of SAM Heritage wrote a nice story about my research on risk-taking. You can find the article, titled “The money or the box”, by clicking here.

Raising the bar

After its huge success in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Hong Kong, “Raising The Bar” series is coming to Sydney. You can learn more about this fun initiative that puts together two best things in the world – science and beer – by visiting this website

My talk is now sold out. Extra tickets will be released on October 12th. Book your calendars for October, 20th at 6.30 in Freda’s!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.51.35 pm